How Long Should My Tie Be?

Type of knot used:
Four in Hand
Half Windsor
Double Windsor
Collar Size in.
Collar to Belt Length in.
Tie Length in.
* if you are not sure of the measurements, the average collar size is 15-17 in. and the collar to belt distance is around 30% of the persons height.

Now then... how did i come up with this magical little calculator and formula you ask? I will tell you. We are working off a few assumptions here. First is that the tie goes around the neck. Second, the tip of the tie should stop at the belt buckle. And finally, the smaller end of the tie should be two to four inches above the belt buckle. For the calculator, I went with 3 inches.

The four major parts of the equation are the length of the tie from the big tip to the knot, the knot itself, the tie around the neck, and finally the tail end of the tie that is hidden behind the front of the tie. The length should be reasonable so that when one tip is touching the belt buckle, the other tip can be securely held in place in the carrier on the back side.

Here are the numbers with more assumptions made. The distance from the belt to the collar is set. But the height of the knot must be accounted for. (2 in.) When adding the circumference, the tie doesn't actually go all the way back to where it starts at the neck. Part of distance is included in the amount of fabric used for the knot. (2 in.) Then the tail end of the tie will travel down from the collar and stop 3 inches short of the belt buckle. Each knot will use a different amount of the tie because of the twists and turns that it makes. From my non extensive research, I've come up with an average number for a four in hand knot (8.5 in), a half windsor knot (12.5 in), and a double windsor knot. (13.5 in) The final piece of the puzzle that took some thinking was to account for the stretch of the fabric which is approximately 10%. The fabric around the neck and in the knot will stretch while the parts freely hanging will not. Add them all together and you have a good estimate of your custom necktie length. The knot is the biggest variable which can vary up to 2 inches because of how tight or loose a person ties their knot.

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