How to Make a Tie

There are hundreds of tie brands out there. Each one makes thousands and thousands of copies of each fabric they choose. Some are your constructed like your everyday necktie and others are sewn in a more luxurious style. These six fold and seven fold ties are great, but the lack a little something once you have a made-to-measure necktie.

Making your own tie is not difficult either. As a novice, it took me a few tries to construct everything from scratch and to learn three simple stitches. Once all the tricky steps are figured out, it is as simple as reading the instructions. Patience is the only thing that this website cant help you with. With the needle and thread in hand, it will be a few hours before the yard of silk can be worn as a necktie that you made yourself.

After the tie is completed, the difference between your bespoke tie and your normal collection will be clear. The best part is that you will be able to identify which aspects of a tie you would like to change to fit you better. Perhaps you prefer tying a tie with a half-Windsor or a four-in-hand knot. Each method results in a different knot size in relation to how the tie is made. Some ties are thicker and wider than others. All these things can be customized once you understand how to make a tie..

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