Seven Fold Tie Sewing Pattern

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For most of us, we need a pattern in order to make something. So you can either create your own pattern or buy one. It took me a little while and a lot of research to make my current pattern.

I googled for a seven fold tie pattern for hours and hours for a few days and found nothing. I was almost ready to give up, buy a $100 tie, rip it open, and make a pattern from the tie itself. Then from a pattern review site, I found a pattern claiming to be a seven fold tie pattern. I bought the pattern and went through two cotton test runs before trying it with silk. Mostly because I was a noob at sewing. The tie seemed pretty good with a few alternations at first. But then when I compared it side by side to a professionally made seven fold, there was no comparison. The Weight throughout the tie I made was not evenly distributed. The neck portion was way too thin and the knot was tiny.

So then I began searching online again for hours and hours. Then I decided to email some tie makers and post on a forum for help. The forum was a bit of a bust, but David from samhober.com was very helpful in explaining a few things about seven fold and six fold ties. He then pointed me to a picture of a pattern that I stumbled across before.

I tried printing out the picture before and folding it along the lines, but it seemed really off. The length was too short and the width was too wide in the tail. David then told me that they make different patterns all the time. His company does a lot of custom work to fit whatever the customer wants. Since I'm my own customer, I might as well make it the way I want and just keep with the basic principles of a seven fold tie. So I decided to make my own pattern and put my math education to use. Good ol geometry. After thinking through the folds, examining pictures of seven fold ties online, and several revisions, I finally got a version that I was happy with.

[picture of seven fold tie]

After all this hard work, I might as well go all the way and draft it on the computer with a CAD tool. So I did. I downloaded a freeware 2D CAD tool and drew out the pattern.

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