Stitches Used

running stitch

Running Stitch

The running stitch is your basic stitch. The important components of the running stitch are to make the stitches an even short distance apart and that the stitch is straight. A sewing machine can easily be used instead of hand sewing for this stitch. The running stitch will be used to connect the two halves of the tie together before folding. It is also used for the six fold tie when connecting the front and back pieces.

hidden stitch

Hidden Stitch

The hidden stitch is only used for the seven fold tie when rolling the edges. The edges along the tip are rolled so that the silk threads do not unravel. The stitch is done in such a way that the thread will not show on the front of the tie. A matching colored thread travels through the rolled edge and then catches two or three threads of the front and then goes back into the rolled area. The thread will only be two or three threads in length on the front of the tie and should not show up at all. Can you see the stitch in the picture? if not, then i did a good job. ITS HIDDEN!

slip stitch

Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is used to sew the tie close after it has been folded and pinned. This stitch is unseen from the outside of the tie. With the left half and right half of the tie folded, one above and below each other, the thread enters the top layer (without going all the way through), travels a bit, and then exits the same layer that it entered. Next it enters the bottom layer (without going all the way through), travels a bit, and then exists back to the starting position. Give a little spacing between where the thread exits the top layer and enters the bottom layer and vice versa. You really shouldn't make the stitches as far apart as this. I got lazy.

basic sewing tips* - for noobs like me.
how to tie a knot - wrap it around your finger and then roll it off so that two threads roll over each other many times. It produces several knots in one motion.
take breaks - if you don't, your neck will hurt like hell once you stop.

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